Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Widget improvements
Our team combed through hundreds of websites on different platforms and worked to expand compatibility with Widgets. We're proud to announce that we are now the only fundraising platform to offer native popup donation buttons on Wix, GoDaddy, Wordpress, Weebly, and many other website builders.
In addition, we've made the following improvements and bug fixes: # Advanced merge fields in Engage
We've added support for new merge fields in Engage, available for both email & text. First, you can now use any of your contact custom fields directly in your messages. Second, we've added some handy donation related fields, including:
Other enhancements and bug fixes
We're thrilled to announce the Early Access Beta program to all Givebutter customers. Customers who opt to join our beta program can preview features before a general release and provide feedback on those features to help make them butter 🧈.
How to join Early Access Beta
You can enable Early Access Beta by going to
Organization Profile
. Once enabled, you will get access to any new features that are released in beta. This may include administrative dashboard features, public-facing campaign pages, and the donation flow. You may opt out of the beta at any time. For more information, you can reference our help center article, which will be updated anytime a new feature is added to the beta.
Now in beta: Letters 💌
Create modern fundraising letters that align with your mission and connect with your audience. Using our user-friendly PDF editor, craft a letter with your desired print dimensions, seamlessly upload Canva designs without leaving Givebutter, and visualize what the final product will look like from start to finish.
One you're ready, experience the convenience of automatic PDF generation, complete with personalized merge fields. Plus, we go the extra mile by generating printable labels and envelopes for you.
Now in beta: all-new donation form 💛
Donation Forms are getting a HUGE upgrade! We're so excited to announce major updates coming to all Givebutter donation form experiences, starting with our hosted and embedded forms. With 50+ improvements coming, here are just a few of our favorites: Look out for more details about our new donation forms in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can learn more by visiting this help center article.
📢 Do you have something you'd love to see changed or added to Givebutter? Visit to share your thoughts with our team.
We've significantly improved Givebutter Elements, including a rebrand to Widgets.
Our goal for these updates was to:
Getting Started
To get started, navigate to a campaign you have, then select
. You can also access widgets under
From here, you'll want to select from the platform you use to host your site. We have options for the following: If you use another platform, you can select "I use another platform."
When you select another platform, you'll see instructions to install the widgets library on the platform you selected.
For additional support, you can reference our guide on widgets. You can also reference our API
Embedding a widget
Once the widgets library is installed, you can embed a widget.
You'll see two widgets automatically created for you under the
. These are ready to embed without any further configuration. You can click
</> Embed
to open a set of instructions that will instruct you on how to embed the widget you selected.
Configuring a widget
You have two options if you'd like to configure a widget or create new widgets. When configuring a widget, you'll have the following options:
Configuring your widget as a
or a
. A
can be placed anywhere on your website and will open a donation popup when a user clicks it. A
will appear directly on a page.
If you select a
, you can only configure the widget name and the campaign it is for.
When you select a button, you will have the following options: Once you've configured your widget, you can
Create Widget
and follow the instructions to embed it.
We've made several updates to creating and managing ticket promo codes to make them more flexible to your needs.
These updates include:
Setting up a promo code
To set up or manage promo codes, navigate to
Promo codes
Here you'll be able to create new promo codes or see any you've already created.
To create a new promo code, select
New promo code
. A drawer will open where you can create a promo code.
You'll have the option to create the following:
General Improvements
Automated Bidding and Standard Bidding
There are now two bidding methods that you can choose from when configuring your auction.
Cancel bids and auction items
Major Improvements
General Improvements
Email and SMS templates
You can choose from six email or four SMS templates when creating a message in Engage.
To use a template, navigate to the
tab and click
New Message
Start with template
You can select the template you'd like to use from this modal and hit
Start with template
. You can choose the contacts you'd like to send your message to and update the template before sending it to your supporters.
Auction Sorting
Updated the logic used to sort auction items on public-facing auction pages. Items are sorted by the groupings listed below. Active and coming soon items will appear above sold and unsold items.
1) Active and Coming Soon2) Sold and Unsold In cases where items end(ed), we fall back to sorting alphabetically.
Mobile App
New contact creation and edit form
We've made several improvements to our contact creation form and contact detail pages to make it easier to manage your contacts and support some of the new features below and in our 2023 roadmap.
When creating or editing a contact, you can manage the following fields:
On the contact details page, we've organized the page into a sidebar and five tabs: On the profile tab, you can manage the following:
From a contact page, you can create a Household by navigating to the
tab and clicking
+ Create New
You can also add a contact to an existing household by clicking
Join Household
and typing in the name of that household.
When you add a contact to an existing household, you can create relationships between that contact and other household members.
When a contact is a member of a household, you'll be able to:
From a contact page, you can create a relationship for that contact by navigating to the
tab and selecting
+ Add relationship
In the Create Relationship sidebar, you can search for a contact and define the relationship between the current and related contacts.
Manage Tags
Major Improvements
Self-serve refunds
As an account admin, you can now issue refunds to your donors!
How to issue a refund
, you can select a transaction and use the menu on the right (three dots) to select
From here, you'll select a reason for the refund and confirm the refund.
Once a transaction is refunded, it will have a
Refunds will be reflected in a donor's account in 5-10 business days.
If you do not have a sufficient campaign balance to issue a refund, the refund option will be disabled.
For more information, you can see our Help Center article on issuing refunds.
General Improvements:
Major Releases
General Improvements
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