🔎 DonorSearch
We're excited to announce a native integration between Givebutter and DonorSearch. Thanks to this integration, revealing a donor's giving capacity has never been easier. Givebutter users have access to DonorSearch's robust prospect research data with a single click inside any Givebutter Contact profile.
How it works
DonorSearch's wealth screening tools are baked right into Givebutter Contacts. You're able to analyze supporters based on their capacity and likelihood to give. Instead of guessing at your fundraising strategy, you'll go in knowing who to ask and which appeal to make to increase your odds of securing a donation.
Integration Features
  • Surface the public wealth information and philanthropic track record of individuals directly from the Givebutter Dashboard using DonorSearch's Integrated Search
  • Navigate directly to any Givebutter Contact's DonorSearch Advanced Profile with a single click
  • Coming Soon: Advanced Filters & Bulk Search
DonorSearch flow
DonorSearch data available inside Givebutter Contacts:
  • DonorSearch Rating
  • Target Based On Wealth
  • Major Gift Likelihood
  • Annual Gift Likelihood
  • Total Likely External Gift Amount
  • Lowest External Gift Amount
  • Largest Gift Organization
Learn more about these data points in our DonorSearch Help Center article.
✅ Other Improvements
  • Added ability to export QR code by jpg, png and svg formats in addition to the existing PDF export
  • Add a hint for users to press the Enter key if a new tag is being added.
  • Added a hint for character limit for the subject field (Engage Email)
  • Improve reliability of video embed responsiveness on campaign pages
  • Added status field to /campaigns API endpoints
  • Addressed an issue where non-dashboard access users weren't redirected to their profile pages if they landed in the dashboard
  • Addressed an issue where modified recurring plans would fail to sync to Bloomerang on subsequent charges.
  • Added Fund designation to receipts and admin notifications
⚒️ Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where <hr> tags we're being stripped from Engage Emails
  • Fixed a bug that causes Engage SMS images not to upload in some cases
  • Fixed a longstanding issue that caused a scroll bar to appear when moving between steps in the donation flow
  • Fixed a pesky Dashboard crash in some versions of Safari
  • Fixed several issues related to pagination in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where SMS history would display the wrong status
  • Fixed a dashboard crash related to the duplicates screen
  • Fixed a redirect issue related to Short URL tracers
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