Automated Bidding and Standard Bidding
There are now two bidding methods that you can choose from when configuring your auction.
  • Standard Bidding
    (default): Bidders place one bid at a time. If a bidder is outbid, they'll receive a notification and can place another bid.
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  • Auto-bidding
    : Bidders can set a max bid when placing their bid. The system automatically places bids until a bidder's max bid threshold is reached.
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Cancel bids and auction items
  • Admins can now cancel a bid on an item. When a bid is canceled, the next highest bidder will become the top bidder.
  • Admins can now cancel an item. When an item is canceled, it will result in the item not having a winner.
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  • The item reserve price is now editable if an item has bids. Previously, this was not adjustable if an item had received a bid.
  • Added an anonymity checkbox to the Buy Now Flow, allowing bidders to indicate whether or not they'd like their name to be publicly viewable.
  • The starting bid amount does not have to align with the bid increment amount. For example, you could have a starting bid amount of $20 and a bid increment of $3.
  • Custom contact fields can be included as columns in your contact import.
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  • Custom contact fields and households will appear as columns in the contact export.
  • The contact search now searches the company field and will return contacts that match the search terms that have been entered.
  • When creating or editing a household, you can now add an envelope name for that household.
  • Admins can merge tags from the tag management page.
  • Added a "Continue "Anyway" button to the Live Display app for viewers accessing the Live Display from a screen that is smaller than our suggested dimensions.
  • The "Share this Fundraiser" URL on a team member's page will now include the URL for that team member's page. Previously, this URL linked to the main campaign page.